Most valuable:

Money : The main objective of thieves. The police and the agreed cannot escape with it, but they can hide this letter in their hand or in the mansion. See Escape

Handcuffs : Use them to arrest. The captured person, on your turn, can try to free himself by throwing the spinner. The thieves and the agreed cannot use the handcuffs, but they can hide them. See Arrest

Car and motorcycle keys: With these cards you can start the respective vehicles to escape. *The ship does not need a chart to start. Escaping without loot awards no points. Neither the Police nor the Covenant can use the getaway vehicles.


Pistol : When your pawn is next to another player's pawn, you can use it to deal 2 points of damage to the victim. See death

Poison : When your pawn is next to another player's pawn, you can use it to poison the victim. They must put the card in front of their player board. In turn they will lose a life. If they (or another player) do not heal with the Aid Kit, on their next turn the victim will die. See death

Knife : When your pawn is next to another player's pawn, you can use it to deal 1 damage to the victim. See death


Medkit : You can use it on your turn to recover a life or in response to an attack. Usable with oneself or with another player. It also works as an antidote and restores lives lost to the poison card.

Bible : Avoid a shot attack and the card is discarded.

Bulletproof Vest : Avoid a shot attack and keep the card.

Avoid Knife – Avoid a knife attack and the card is discarded


Coffee : Take as many additional steps as the card indicates. It is also cumulative with the step saver.
Door Key : Lock a door for 1 turn when you are next to it.
Rope : Allows you to tie a player. The victim remains motionless for a full turn or until another player decides to release him (he must be next to the victim). The player can also free himself with a roulette spin during his turn. If he manages to free himself, the player plays a normal turn, rolling the movement dice.
Smoke Bomb : Once dropped in a room, pawns in it lose 1 turn. Victims can try to escape the room during their turns by throwing the spinner on each of their respective turns.


Window Breaker Hammer - Once broken, the window can be crossed in both directions like an open door. A blue token is placed to symbolize the broken window.

Dynamite : To activate it, a player must hide it in one of the green search hexes (card placed face down in its matching perimeter location on the board) inflicts 2 points of damage to the next player who discovers it and wounds (-1) on the adjacent hexagons free of obstacles (walls, other players...). If you cause elimination, your cards are discarded.

Steak : Use when standing next to the dog during your turn or in response to its attack at any time. This card removes the dog permanently. See Dog.