Meet the guests attending the Grand Dinner at Davis Manor. Very influential figures from around the world will meet to discuss various topics. Will dinner be the only purpose of your visit?

Doctor Otto Oppenheim

Otto Oppenheim

    Occupation: Doctor
    German nationality
    Age: 63

    Otto Oppenheim is one of the most important doctors in Germany. However, right now he is not welcome in his country. During the war he was captured by the Triple Entente and forced to carry out espionage tasks. Apparently he is a trustworthy person but there is always the suspicion of whether he is doing counterespionage for the former central powers. His friendly smile hides a totally interested person.

    Dancer Yijun Bao

    Yijun Ding

      Occupation: Professional Dancer
      Chinese nationality
      Age: Unknown

      While walking through the countryside, Yijun witnessed his father's death at the hands of two escaped convicts. This trauma marked the young woman in such a way that she vowed to learn the techniques of an ancient martial art based on snakes to seek revenge for her father. This training has allowed her to gain full awareness and control over her body, a skill she has used to have great success in her career as a dancer, as well as in darker operations. It can move and flow like a cobra, unhittable, waiting for a fatal blow.

      Priest Salvatore Fontana

      Salvatore Fontana

      Occupation: Priest (not confirmed)
      Italian nationality
      Age: 25

      Salvatore Fontana was born in Pavia, Italy. However, no one has found his birth certificate after the great fire in Lombardy. Father Salvatore, as he demands to be called, always achieves what he sets out to do due to his fierce temperament. However, everyone is wondering: is he really a priest? He has been under suspicion for years, but the curia's investigation is hampered by the number of followers who worship him for his supposed miracles. Angel or demon?.

      Mayor Wilma Sanders

      Wilma Sanders

      Occupation: Mayor
      U.S. citizenship
      Age: 58

      Wilma Sanders, graduating at the top of her class, a world-renowned rhetorician, is said to have never lost an argument. If something or someone is in her way, she will move heaven and earth to get what she seeks. Today, she is one of the most powerful and influential women in the US. What is her motivation? the power.

      Entrepreneur Kontar Saleh

      Kontar Saleh

      Occupation: Entrepreneur
      Nationality: Egyptian
      Age: 44

      A trusted envoy of the British crown, Kontar is in charge of commercial transactions in the Suez Canal. Born in Alexandria, he has always had a keen eye for business opportunity. Saleh always makes the most of a transaction. If something doesn't suit him, he and his associates can be very persuasive.

      Sorceress Chitra Daswani

      Chitra Daswani

      Occupation: Witch
      Nationality: India
      Age: 50

      As a little girl, walking through the twisted side alleys of Delhi, Chitra was surprised to encounter a rare white elephant! As she looked into their dark eyes time stopped, then as if by magic, she saw herself from the beasts' own point of view, a little girl standing in awe of the raw beauty and mystery of nature. When he came out of this trance like state, the elephant was nowhere to be seen. Since then, he has developed and perfected a form of mental projection where he can fling himself into the mind of anyone who looks into his eyes, gaining control of their every action and will.

      Journalist Zachary Nelson

      Zachary Davis

      Occupation: Journalist
      British nationality
      Age: 33

      Zachary is the owner of Davis Manor, a master of gossip with a knack for uncovering dirty laundry. A well-known international journalist, he gets exclusives before anyone else! However, sometimes their social manipulation strategies go beyond the limit of what would be considered moral. Trap and bribe whoever is necessary to get the story you are looking for. His wealthy aristocratic family disapproves of his methods, but fear that he will develop his talent to unearth their worst secrets.

      Waitress Eleanor Gibbs

      Eleanor Gibbs

      Occupation: Housekeeper
      Canadian nationality
      Age: 32

      Eleanor, the youngest of 5 sisters, comes from a family that was powerful and wealthy. He grew up in luxury and high society. However, his family, unable to manage their properties and investments, declared bankruptcy. Determined to revive her family's legacy, she will stop at nothing to rise to the top from the bottom. She is rumored to be in a secret relationship with Zachary, the owner of Davis Manor.

      Engineer Trevor Williams

      Trevor Williams

      Occupation: Engineer
      Nationality: South African
      Age: 59

      Lieutenant Trevor Williams was one of the key players in the Boer Revolts at the beginning of the First World War. He knew how to manage the end of the conflict with infinite diplomacy. Despite being very skilled at creating explosives, he is most proud of his expertise as a sapper, defusing them. He is a man of peace, a man who loves his land. He has become an apolitical symbol in the area and everyone wants to be in photos with him.

      Lawyer Victoria Walker

      Victoria Walker

      Occupation: Lawyer
      Nationality: Australian
      Age: 41

      Victoria was born into a wealthy family in southeastern Australia. Heir to a family legacy of lawyers, she runs the most important law firm in her country. The success of his family lies in the choice of his clients. When she wins, you never know if it is because of her expertise cunningly defending her client or rather she knew how to choose the winning side with her relentless nose. No one can see your cards.

      Actor Panchito Falcon

      Panchito Falcon

      Occupation: Actor
      Nationality: Cuban (not confirmed)
      Age: Unknown

      Panchito is the best Latin actor of the moment. Bursting onto the international scene 2 years ago, he is now a renowned actor. He has a natural ability to seduce, approaching whoever he wants, however very little is known about his origins and intentions, he only talks about the future, hiding something in his past... Some people claim that he is of Cuban origin, others that he is linked to the powerful drug cartels... the only thing people are sure of is that he has reached the top and has the gift of gab.

      Horse Rider Rita Cardoso

      Rita Cardoso

      Occupation: Amazon
      Brazilian nationality
      Age: 28

      The Cardoso family is one of the most influential in the international coffee trade, a commodity in high demand! Little Rita is one of the most sought-after women in the United States, not only because of the legacy and fortune she will inherit, but also because of her prestige as an Amazon. He was given his first horse when he was 4 years old and he has grown up with them his entire life. Winning 5 consecutive equestrian titles with 3 different horses. Being the center of everyone's attention, a beauty icon, an accomplished traveler, a showcase for fashion and art, are not things that weigh on her. She feels fast, a true champion.

      Boxer Niall O'Sullivan

      Niall O'Sullivan

      Occupation: Boxer
      Nationality: Irish
      Age: 51

      Since before he could even remember, Niall has worked on a fishing boat. The inclemencies have forged a strong and resistant man, accustomed to dealing with storms. In recent years, in the face of political instability in his homeland, Niall has further strengthened his economic independence. Through threats and fights, he has achieved the freedom he always wanted, owning and operating his own fleet of ships. His home is the sea.

      Chef Margot Boucher

      Margot Boucher

      Occupation: Chef
      Nationality: French
      Age: 36

      Margot is the visible face of a family famous for its haute cuisine restaurants. They own farms in Normandy, vineyards in Burgundy and the best restaurants in Paris. The Boucher saga is formidable, sharp and relentless, not only in the search for business opportunities. It is rumored that Margot has obtained the inheritance of this empire in an unethical way.

      Trumpeter Alexandr Korovin

      Alexandr Korovin

      Occupation: Trumpeter
      Russian nationality
      Age: 48

      Alexandr has found a way to escape his demons through musical prowess. His parents quickly detected his special ability when they gave him his first toy piano. However, when he later entered the conservatory, there were no piano spots left and he opted to learn the trumpet. His career was slowed by World War I and then by the following Russian Civil War. In the latter he was injured in the left eye by a shrapnel. These wartime experiences forged Korovin's strong character and he now fights against past atrocities with his music. So powerful is his ability that his trumpet solo is said to infect audiences, making even the strongest and cruelest men cry.

      Teacher Catalina Fernandez

      Catalina Fernandez

      Occupation: Professor
      Spanish nationality
      Age: 39

      Refined, flirtatious and well-educated, Catalina behaves as if she had never broken a plate in her life. Born into the wealthy Duchess of Riotinto family, near Escorial, Madrid, she teaches Spanish at the Complutense University. She was rumored to have an affair with the Spanish monarch. Sharp-minded and not easily manipulated, her knowledge and quick learning help her reach the highest echelons of society.