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Rafael Prado - Author

Rafael Prado Fernández-Baca (Málaga, 1986). Fourth generation of a family legacy of optometrists and entrepreneurs. He is an optometrist and optician graduated from the European University of Madrid . He currently works in two locations: Fernández Baca Autor and Fernández Baca 1913 as an optician and manager. He has also collaborated in the other family business, Café Central and Central Malagueta, in their coffees and accessories as well as in the business strategy. In addition to interior design and web design for opticians and cafes, her work includes the iCofrade mobile application. Since he was a child, he has enjoyed playing board games and creating events . One Night is a project that has changed his life.


Lâle Favre – Featured Artist

He was born and raised in Switzerland. Daughter of a Turkish jazz singer and a Swiss lawyer. She grew up surrounded by music, art, comics and Disney figures, of which her father now owns a collection of 3,000 figures. After turning 18, he spent a year abroad in New York, where he learned more about photography, editing, and rediscovered his love of painting. Years later, he finally moved to Germany, where he began his freelance career.

She now lives in Berlin with her boyfriend and their Cocker Spaniel puppy, and works mainly as an illustrator of book covers and board games.

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Peter Soderbaum – Board Design and Mechanics

Peter Soderbaum (Canberra, Australia 1985) has been working for the last 10 years in Germany as a video game art director. He has worked for different platforms such as PC, Xbox and Mobile for some of the largest and most important gaming companies in the world. He is very active in the Berlin art scene, helping to found and organize several art collectives; He likes to bring people together and share his passion for art. Now, after a long career as a digital artist, he has made the leap towards his lifelong dream of delving into traditional art. Peter now divides his time between independent work and studying at the Swedish Academy of Realist Art where he is training in the secrets of the old masters.

Juanje Molina - Graphic Designer

Juanje Molina (Algeciras 1987). Creative from the Malaga design studio PlanD Creativos , he has been developing branding and web projects for more than 10 years. Graduate in Creative & Graphic Design from the University of Walles. It bases its work on the correct understanding of its clients' needs, to achieve satisfactory objectives. He has worked for large national and international brands, providing creative and strategic value to their corporate management systems. Strictly a perfectionist, he created his design studio with the aim of offering a direct relationship between the brand and the environment, always seeking excellence in finishes. He also acts as an external consultant for national agencies and studies. He combines his work with his countless hobbies and teaching.

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Diego Lara Music Composer OST Games

Diego Lara - OST Composer

Diego Lara Morales (Málaga, 1987). Musician composer. At the age of 15 he composed his first song with guitar and voice. During his university days he recorded his first demo with "Yetoyoba", a group made up of school friends. Already on a professional level, he has combined his work as a designer, sound engineer and musical composer with concerts in halls and bars in Andalusia. Founding partner of the production company Yolaperdono . He has worked on films that have toured the most prestigious festivals in the world as a magical project. , braindoc , Smart City , Show me now! , Invisible Mothers , Other People's Conversations or Las Sinsombrero receiving numerous awards. He is currently promoting his studio album " I liked them all ."

One Night Design Process

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Endless conversations via Skype, messenger and thousands of emails with Lâle and Peter

800,000+ forms for our stand at Essen 2019

Juanje working on graphic design

Thank you:

I will always be grateful to all the people who have supported the project: to my entrepreneurial family: Bea, Rafael, Trinidad, Nacho, Trini and Concha; to the One Night team: Lâle, Juanje, Peter and Lara, to the friends (they don't fit) and beta testers (Eduardo and family, Carlos, Javi and many more), to Daniel Ruiz for opening the doors of the sector, to Paco (Málaga) and Ramón (Teo) for printing protos and all those who supported One Night with a message or a smile

Rafael Prado