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Second edition now available in English, Spanish, French and Italian

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The cards are hand painted, like a mini oil art collection


Each game ends in a different way like a thriller movie script


Players have to collaborate with their teams to win the game

Hidden Roles

Extremely simple role-playing game. Lying is recommended

How to play

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4-8 players

15' per player

Recommended age

"A game with splendid art that immerses us in an Agatha Christie novel"

221B Studio, Madrid 🇪🇸

"Secret Night is a capolavoro of elegance, a rich game of suspense, mystery and tradition!"

Alessandro "AleBoardGamer" Pugliese, Torino 🇮🇹

"It was a great experience. Cool mechanism and wonderful artwork"

Andreas the Tober, Linz 🇦🇹

"Un jeu familial magnifique avec une touch de bluff très réussie grâce aux rôles caches. J'ai adoré explorer les pieces du Manoir Davis!"

disonjoue 🇧🇪

"Encore toutes mes élicitations pour ce jeu dont je ne regrette pas l'achat et qui va devenir un de mes tops 5 (j'en possède 250)"

Frederic Linker

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